42U 300×800 & 300×1000 Floor Standing Slack Rack Server Cabinet

  1. General Details

    42U 300×800 Cattex Slack Server Cabinet

    42U 300×1000 Cattex Slack Server Cabinet

    A perfect solution for large amounts of cable necessary for  today’s large enterprises. This slack cabinet does exactly what the name says – take all the excess cable and stores it away neatly.

    Proven globally our in-house manufactured cabinets are fully adjustable – both vertically and horizontally.
    Cabinets are manufactured to the international standards on computerised machinery before being powder coated to a thickness of 50 – 70 Microns.

    Eurobyte is active in the design and manufacture of sheet metal products, although primarily involved in the supply of high quality IT networking cabinets, a wide range of goods allied to this field are also manufactured.

    The factory is centrally located in secure premises in Midrand and occupies approximately 1500 square meters. Modern offices offer a pleasant and relaxed environment for customers and our designers to get together on new ideas and projects.

    The factory is equipped with the latest generation of computerized machinery, from guillotines through punching and forming, every part is pre-programmed for maximum accuracy and perfect repeats.

  2. Slack Rack Accessories


    150mm 300×800 Plinth

    150mm 300×1000 Plinthslack-rack-plinth-800 slack-rack-plinth-1000



    Roof Entry Chimney for Slack Rack Extends to 1m