600×600 IP55 Ventilated Cabinets

600mm x 600mm Outdoor IP55 Cabinet

Sizes Available:

  • 20U – 1071mm
  • 25U – 1249mm
  • 34U – 1694mm
  • 38U – 1872mm
  • 42u – 2050mm
  • 47U – 2272mm

Weatherproof your valuable electronic equipment with our ventilated outdoor cabinet.

Vented doors on the standard IP55 cabinet, draws air through washable filters via roof mounted fans and exhausts it through the insulated roof, preventing your equipment from overheating. Not only is this cabinet waterproof, but the additional filters make them virtually dustproof. The cabinet comes complete with 4 x 19” mounting rails & plinth.

Cabinets are manufactured from 2mm steel prior to powder coating in our modern facility. Cabinets come complete with 100mm high plinth and gland plates.

U=44.45mm 20 25 34 38 42 47
Height in mm 1071 1249 1694 1872 2050 2272